The Big Chill in Fragrances!

The Big Chill in Fragrances

What will cause fragrance obsession in 2013? Perfume expert Frederick Bouchardy of Joya predicts “a return to simple, uncomplicated and comforting scents—think clove, amber, lavender and all things warm and nostalgic.” Also generating buzz: good-for-you ingredients. “People want to know exactly what [perfumers] are using, and to be reassured that the materials are healthful,” he says. Who knows, a spritz of wheatgrass might just be the next big thing.

Luca Turin on the science of scent


What’s the science behind a sublime perfume? With charm and precision, biophysicist Luca Turin explains the molecular makeup — and the art — of a scent.

Biophysicist Luca Turin studies the science of smell. He’s the author of Perfumes: The Guide, and the subject of Chandler Burr’s 2003 book The Emperor of Scent. His next project: developing an artificial nose.


Fragrance Trend Forecasting company:

Seven Forecasts Spring-Summer 2014 Fragrance Trends

Posted: March 14, 2013-–198121801.html

Based on research on the global worlds of fine fragrance, fashion and design, Seven Scent Ltd.’s trend forecast says three key fragrance accords, which range from rose to gourmand, will be strongly evident in the spring-summer collections of 2014. The trends are:

  • Rose—offering a modern twist on tradition, the floral scent gives a light and refreshing direction, enhanced by feminine fruity notes and accents of clean aldehydes and musk.
  • Strawberry—the sweet and juicy fruit gives a distinctive fruity-green aroma with sublime  flowery and spicy nuances and a hint of caramel.
  • Gourmand—continuing to exert influence, the new season sees a subtle suggestion of caramel and chocolate.

“The spring-summer season always marks a move towards lighter fragrances more suited to sunny days and 2014 is no exception. Inspired by farmers’ markets and flower stalls, we’ll see a return to summery accords which this time feature fresh strawberry, delicate rose and gentle hints of sweet gourmand aromas,” said Miri Scott, fragrance insight manager for Seven Scent.

Seven’s bi-annual trends report also features its own interpretation of the next year’s fragrance trends under its “Future Vision” series. Each theme evokes a strong sense of style, mood and emotion in three fragrance collections:

  • Kaleidoscope—a celebration of life, bursting with vibrant fruity floral scents with lush greens and a hint of citrus.
  • Digital—inspired by the social media revolution, transparent florals, cool musks and sheer metallic accords blend to create a contemporary and reflective mood.
  • Elemental—earthy colors and rustic elegance provide the backdrop to this fragrance collection, where white florals and creamy accords combine with soft woods.

Article- Bell Flavors & Fragrances releases top 2013 trends in fragrance

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, international developer of flavors and fragrances for numerous industries including Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Household Care, Personal care, Tobacco and Oral Care, recently announced its selections for the 2013 Top Fragrance Trends.

The company identified four major themes for the year: 1920’s, Resort Retreat, Outdated to Updated, and Past-Present-Future. Each theme is further defined by the following descriptions.

For the 1920s theme, think The Great Gatsby. Bell identified hair care scents including Ocean City BlueSassy Bellini andRipple Falls. Fragrances in the 1920’s theme for skin care include Sweet Innocence,Midnight LaceSheer RomanceShimmering DaisyStardust and Feather Boa.

The Resort Retreat theme is all about slowing down and focusing on what really matters: family, friends, a balanced life. Fragrances identified in this theme include those that evoke a feeling of relaxation–such as a favorite, cozy spot at home, or relaxing with some wine.

In the Outdated to Updated trend, think of the saying “everything old is new again”–it’s about reinvention. Hair care fragrances for this theme include PearadiseSunrise and Coral Spice.

Finally, in Past-Present-Future, the theme is about ‘being in the moment’–while celebrating memories of days passed and looking ahead to those days to come. The fragrances in this theme reflect change. Bath care scents for the Past-Present-Future theme include Brazilian BlueSizzle,Electric LimeFrosted PalmsOooh, Ahhh and Midsummer Magic.

February 13th 2013 by Nancy Matthews